Zone: The Shire
Type: Notable Location in The Marish
Location: 34.4S, 64.4W
Quests: Starting: 2, Involved: 4
Mobs: 5
Every hobbit lad in the East Farthing shudders in fear at the mere mention of Bamfurlong. It is the home of a wisened old farmer known as Maggot. An old farmer, one may say, what is the harm in that? A fool would say such a thing; for Maggot is not a hobbit to be trifled with! In his possession - besides his family and goods - are three large dogs: Grip, Fang and Wolf. More importantly, however, is the realization that Maggot does not hestitate to unleash his beasts on unsuspecting tresspassing hobbits! If doubt lays in your mind still, inquire about the old farmer's reputation at The Golden Perch in Stock; but do try not to stare in shock when you are proved wrong!


Contrary to the lore of Middle-earth, farmer Maggot will not unleash his dogs on you - even if you are tresspassing on his land. The old hobbit is very welcoming of company (which is very strange) and even needs your aid! Apparantly, one of his sons is missing and he had trouble with some ruffians from the Northern Bree-fields. In addition to employing your help (and offering aid as well) he is a reknown grocer with many valuable commodities for potential cooks.

This farm is located in the south-east corner of your in game map on top of the M in Marish. Click here for more and bigger maps with filtering options