Brandy Hall  

Zone: Bree-land
Type: Town in Buckland
Level: 10 - 15
Location: 33.3S, 62.4W
Quests: Starting: 1, Involved: 2
Mobs: 3

Deep in the heart of Buckland lies a great hobbit hole; it is akin to a mansion in the hill side. It is home to many different hobbits - those of the Brandybuck family for the most part - and they all get along peacefully. This very place is called Brandy Hall. It is where the great Thain - once regarded as position of authority in the Shire - resides.


Unfortunately for fans of the novel, there is no way to see inside of Brandy Hall. Players may approach the building but cannot walk inside of it.

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    Brandy Hall

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