Zone: Bree-land
Type: Town
Level: 10 - 15
Quests: Starting: 23, Involved: 7
Mobs: 38

There has always been debate on whether Buckland belongs in the Shire or no. Many hobbits from the west farthing firmly detest any involvement of the queer hobbits in their land; mostly because of the behavioural patterns of them. Then there is also the Brandywine River: a physical divider between Buckland and the remaining hobbit settlements. Yet these debates are trivial. Bucklanders are hobbits and have been considered part of the Shire for many years.

Buckland itself, however, appears very different from the rest of the Shire; it is larger in size and has more homes then holes. Yet they do have the greatest hole in all the Shire: Brandy Hall. It is the ancient home of the Brandybucks and many hobbits live there now.

For now, Buckland is peaceful but that may not last long. The Old Forest still backs onto the beautiful settlement, and many hobbits are afraid of more mis-doings from that inquisitive wood. Yet are their fears justified? Perhaps an adventurer will know!


Buckland is the last hobbit settlement before players move on to Bree-land. Like many other major townships, there are stables, vendors, milestone, mailboxes and the like. Yet Buckland also plays a very important role: it permits easy access to the Old Forest. It is in that old wood that players will encounter Tom Bombadil, Goldberry and Old Man Willow. This is not without mention the bountiful quests that can be found. Certainly players will have a significant stay in the old hobbit settlement.

All numbers between () are for players who have used the Writ of Passage and gained the skill of: Travel Discount

Stables Info:
West Bree
80c (1s)

80c (1s)

Adso's Camp
80c (1s)

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