Zone: Bree-land
Type: Wilderness
Level: 12 - 16
Quests: Starting: 0, Involved: 6
Mobs: 10
North of Bree-town there is a large expanse of land known as the Bree-fields. For the most part it was ridden with wildlife and the occasional farm. Yet this is slowly changing. Within the Inn of the Prancing Pony there are rumours of orcs, brigands, ruffians and worse in the fields. Now very few townsfolk dare to venture north into the fields. Yet are these rumours true? Are there any adventurers that can confirm it?


The Bree-fields (and the associated directions) are very large areas with lots of game and opponents to slaughter. Many quests - especially those involving brigands and ruffians - run through this region. Players will find this zone quite bountiful for their efforts.