Southern Attacker  

Race: Man
Difficulty: Normal
Aggro: Aggressive
Level: 10 - 14
Found in Zones: Bree-land
Found in Areas: Dogwood's Farm, Outlaw's Haven
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Locations with maps: Bree-land
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    Southern Attacker
NameTypeMin Level
Brigand Medallion Quest Item
Broken Brigand Dagger Sheath Trophy
Broken Dagger Trophy
Broken Hatchet Trophy
Broken Sword Sheath Trophy
Eggs and Onions Food
Greatsword Two-Handed Sword lvl 9
Hard Biscuits Food
Lesser Healing Draught Potion
Lesser Healing Salve Potion
Mead Food
Quilted Leggings Light Armour lvl 8
Worn Dagger Sheath Trophy
Worn Sword Sheath Trophy
Woven Cloak of Fate Light Armour lvl 13