Bindbole Wood  

Zone: The Shire
Type: Wilderness
Level: 7 - 10
Quests: Starting: 5, Involved: 5
Mobs: 17

The Bindbole Wood lies north-east of the Rushock Bog, west of the Greenfields, and is the most lush forest in all the Shire. Indeed, for even the wood cutting settement of Overhill resides just inside the southern borders of the forest. Yet that does not make it a safe locale for wandering adventurers! For there is great bears, fierce boars, deadly spiders and even dratted goblins! Could those vile orc-kind be the same that threaten the nearby town of Brackenborings, south of the Greenfields? They may be, but whether they are or no, travelers are encouraged to excercise caution.

Players will make their way to the Bindbole Wood in their mid-level Shire experience. There are plenty of quests in nearby Overhill that has players defeat bears, goblins and deadly spiders! Aside from the game to be had, there are plenty of resources to be found for aspiring crafters. Lastly, the Bindbole Wood is one of the more beautiful areas of the Shire; it is worth the visit for sight-seeing interests alone.



Major landmarks, NPCs and other points of interest


  • Angry Broad-Tooth, Beast
  • Big Black Bear (Elite), Beast
  • Bindbole Spinner, Insects and Spiders
  • Bindbole Weaver, Insects and Spiders
  • Crazed Broad-Tooth, Beast
  • Foraging Wood-Bear, Beast
  • Gramsfoot Advancer, Goblin
  • Gramsfoot Piercer, Goblin
  • Red Fox, Beast
  • Restless Broad-Tooth, Beast
  • Shire White-Tail Buck, Beast
  • Wild Broad-Tooth, Beast
  • Wood-Bear Cub, Beast
  • Wood-Bear Mother, Beast
  • Young Wood-Bear, Beast
  • Walking Tree (25.6S, 72.8W)
Points of Interest
  • Bolestones (26.0S, 76.0W)
  • Lob's Grove (25.7S, 72.7W)
Resource Nodes
  • Copper Deposit
  • Tin Deposit
  • Rowan Branches
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    Bindbole Wood