Green Hill Country  

Zone: The Shire
Type: Unknown
Quests: Starting: 1, Involved: 3
Mobs: 19
South of the East-West Road that connects the East and West Farthing, lies the green and forested land called the Green Hill Country. Though it is not as lush or rich as the Bindbole Woods further north, it does spurt much wildlife - not to mention game as well - rough highlands, and even beautiful waterfalls. Yet this land is not free of corruption: ill-mannered Big People from the south have infested its borders. These villains have even spread as far as Old Odo Leaf's farm! What are hobbits to do in these dark times times? The Green Hill Country, while it is large and vast, houses very little quests and resource nodes for aspiring players. Truly, the only quest-worthy areas is the brigand camp near Farmer Maggot's farm in the Marish, and at Old Odo Leaf's farm on the western borders of the country. Yet the scenary is beautiful and majestic; for that reason it is worth a lengthy visit.


Major landmarks, NPCs and other points of interest


  • Brigand Knave, Man
  • Brigand Poacher, Man
  • Brigand Robber, Man
  • Brigand Waylayer, Man
  • Burrowing Shrew, Beast
  • Foraging Shrew, Beast
  • Harvest-Fly, Insects and Spiders
  • Hill Tusker, Beast
  • Red Fox, Beast
  • Shire White-Tail Buck, Beast
  • Shire White-Tail Doe, Beast
  • Stinging Gnats, Insects and Spiders
  • Wild Hill-Toad, Beast
  • Wolf, Beast
  • Violet Underhill (34.6S, 66.6W)
Points of Interest
  • Narrowcleve (35.2S, 66.8W)
  • Old Odo Leaf's Farm (33.8S, 68.0W)
  • Tom Cotton's Farm (32.4S, 69.3W)
Resource Nodes
  • Copper Deposit
  • Tin Deposit
  • Rowan Branches
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    Green Hill Country