Adso's Camp  

Zone: Bree-land
Type: Settlement in Southern Bree-fields
Level: 11 - 15
Location: 29.3S, 56.8W
Quests: Starting: 18, Involved: 4
Mobs: 9

Nestled along the road that leads east towards Bree-town, and north of the Barrow-downs and the Old Forest, there resides a small camp of Men, lead by a fellow called Adso. There is no evil or corruption in the eyes of the Adso - or even any of his men - but there are whispers of a darker force at work. Not quite as forboding as the Eastern Shadow, mind you, but something does not seem quite right. Who could disturb such a disturbance among a camp of seemingly good-natured Men?


Adso's camp is found halfway between Bree-town and Buckland; or one can simply exit north from the Barrow-downs to find it. There are plenty of quests to be found in the camp (including repeatables for those who like to grind). There is even a nearby camp of Elves who task players with a fellowship quest to the heart of the Barrow-downs. Players in their mid-teens will find Adso's Camp to be particularly rewarding.

All numbers between () are for players who have used the Writ of Passage and gained the skill of: Travel Discount

Stables Info:
1s (80c)

West Bree
1s (80c)

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    Adso's Camp