Michel Delving  

Zone: The Shire
Type: Town
Level: 5 - 8
Quests: Starting: 57, Involved: 20
Mobs: 42

Michel Delving is the principle settlement in all of the Shire, settled in the south-west corner of that green land. It is a fairly large village with sufficient commercial and agricultural activity. In addition, the Mayor of The Shire, Will Whitfoot, conducts his business out of the Town Hole – a rather large and peculiar building by hobbit standards. Though while Will Whitfoot is the elected mayor, he does little but listens to hobbit’s trivial concerns and resides over banquets.

Outside of mere hobbit concerns and other mayoral business, Michel Delving is host to an old Mathom House! These buildings – yes, a building – is home to all sorts of weird and peculiar things that hobbit-kind have collected over the years, including the Old Boarorarer’s Club! Yes, the very same club that smote the head off the goblin Golfimbul in the Greenfields many years ago. Also, rumour has it, Bilbo Baggin’s coat of mithril lays at rest in that place. In addition to the Mathom House is the Bird and Baby Inn; a reputable establishment if one is in the mood for drink and merriment! Lastly, there is much in the way of merchants, trainers and crafting stations!

This peculiar and not so well documented hobbit settlement is the second town that [hobbit] characters encounter in the Lord of the Rings; the first being Little Delving. Although, the main quest – and really the only one available, save the mail delivery ones – takes players right to Mayor Will Whitfoot at the Town Hole. It is there that hobbits gain their first real challenge in the Shire as new found Bounders.

As expected from a capital city of sorts, Michel Delving hosts a wide array of merchants, particularly armour and weapon traders. While it is certainly not advisable to upgrade your equipment – the quests rewards yield more bountiful results – they are a useable source for sale and repair. Also, around these very same merchants are every single trainer imaginable, so young hobbits will likely return to Michel Delving frequently to acquire training and advance their skills, both active and passive.

There is also a Mistress of Apprentices in Michel Delving and subsequent crafting stations; if players seek training in a vocation, that is who you speak to. In addition, there is a Pipe-weed field nearby for aspiring farmers to use. Indeed, many starting crafters make sure to return to Michel Delving to master their craft to perfection.

What would a capital city be without a Bard? Yes, Michel Delving has a Bard indeed, one Gammer Took! It is through Bards that you equip those valuable traits for character advancement and differentiation. While new players aren’t likely to have acquired any traits yet, it would be best to note of the wise Gammer Took.

Class Trainers

  • Bolo Boffin, Hunter Trainer (34.1S, 74.9W)
  • Rolo Hemmings, Guardian Trainer (34.1S, 75.0W)
  • Ardo Aleford, Minstrel Trainer (34.1S, 75.0W)
  • Geir, Champion Trainer (34.1S, 75.0W)
  • Shepard Snowden, Lore-master Trainer (34.1S, 75.0W)
  • Lilabet Roper, Burglar Trainer (34.1S, 75.1W)
  • Hayley Carver, Captain Trainer (34.1S, 75.1W)

Crafting Merchants / Trainers

  • Blossom Proudfoot, Mistress of Apprentices (34.6S, 75.5W)
  • Balbo Grubb, Novice Weaponcrafter (34.7S, 75.4W)
  • Cotman Brown, Novice Metalsmith (34.7S, 75.4W)
  • Belba Bracegirdle, Novice Woodworker (34.6S, 75.4W)
  • Halfred Bolger, Novice Tailor (34.6S, 75.4W)
  • Jewel Underhill, Expert Cook (34.6S, 75.5W)
  • Petunia Greenhand, Novice Cook (34.6S, 75.6W)
  • Bowman Whitfoot, Provisioner (34.6S, 75.6W)
  • Berylla Goodchild, Novice Jeweler (34.6S, 75.5W)
  • Hildibras Took, Novice Scholar (34.6S, 75.5W)

Crafting Stations

  • Forge (34.7S, 75.5W)
  • Pipe-weed Field (34.4S, 75.1W)
  • Study (34.6S, 75.5W)
  • Superior Oven (34.6S, 75.5W)
  • Workbench (34.6S 75.4W)


  • Bird and Baby Inn (33.4S, 75.6W)
  • Mathom House (33.4S, 75.6W)
  • Michel Delving Town Hole (33.4S, 74.9W)


  • Gilly Gracegirdle, Medium Armour Trader (34.1S, 74.9W)
  • Indor Weaver, Weapon Trader (34.1S, 75.0W)
  • Brinley Gardener, Weapon Trader (34.1S, 75.0W)
  • Dundo Greenacre, Weapon Trade (34.1S, 75.0W)
  • Gardenia Bracegirdle, Healer (33.4S, 75.4W) [inside Bird and Baby Inn]
  • Carlo Bragrove, Tavern Keep (33.4S, 75.4W) [inside Bird and Baby Inn]
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    Michel Delving