No Place for Spoiled Pies  

Category: Shire
Type: Reputation
Trait Granted: Patience +1
Turbine Points Granted: 5
Related Locations:Notes:

Recover Holly Hornblower's spoiled pies
Talk to Holly Hornblower

Retrieve the spoiled pies from the above linked towns. Rules are the same as with the pie deliveries and the mail runs. You cannot fight, swim or interact with anything else while carrying a pie, you can only carry one at a time, and must avoid Hungry Hobbits.


Each sub-quest will be named Spoiled Pie from ________

  • Bywater - Guy in front of Green Dragon inn (same guy you delivered first pie to)
  • Hobbiton - Opal Goodbody at the party field
  • Little Delving - Wydo Boffin (32.0S, 76.6W)
  • Michel Delving - Hugo Broadbelt (34.1S, 75.1W, right in front of the Training Hall)
  • Tuckborough - Edilina Proudfoot - (33.5S, 70.9W)
  • Needlehole - Iris Chubb - (28.1S, 75.9W)
  • Brockenborings - Ivo Brockhouse (outside the Plough and Stars)