Markers of the Sunken City  

Category: Evendim
Type: Explorer
Title Granted: Sage of the Sunken CIty
Reputation Increased: 700 The Wardens of Annuminas
Turbine Points Granted: 5
Exp Granted: 7042
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Progress: 0 of 6
Find the marker plaques scattered throughout Annuminus.

Use the Plaque of Menelband
Use the Plaque of Minathranc
Use the Plaque of Tirband
Use the Plaque of Echad Garthadir
Use the Plaque of Clorhir
Use the Plaque of Ariant

There are three plaques you have to click on to get:
Plaque of Ariant 17.3S, 69.4W
Plaque of Clorhir 19.0S, 68.7W
Plaque of Echad Garthadir 18.9S, 70.8W
And three that drops from Angmarim's in Annuminas.
Plaque of Menelband
Plaque of Minathranc
Plaque of Tirband