Horsing Around  

Category: Class/Race/Epic
Type: Epic
Title Granted: Studier of the Equine
Item Granted:
Cloak of the EquineCloak of the Equine
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Horsing Around
An unusual horse you met in Combe seems to have bonded to you. Perhaps you were meant to help him in some way?

Complete activities with the horse (0/60).

To complete this deed you must complete these quests sixty times, some of which are repeatable.:
Bedbugs Bite
Earning Trust
Every Last Drop
Feed for the Horses
Herding to the Lone-lands
Herding to the North Downs
Herding to the Trollshaws
Proof of Trust
New Arrival in Combe
The Horsefields Derby
Worse for Wear
Worse for Wear (Daily)

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