Zone: The Shire
Type: Town
Quests: Starting: 12, Involved: 5
Mobs: 32

The penultimate barn-yard atmosphere in all of the Shire lies in Budgeford, a small town just north of the east – west road. It is also in a very ideal locale; acting as a connecting town to the north villages of Scary and Brackenborings, while also being the centre point between Hobbitton and Stock. This has encouraged much trade from hobbits across all farthings, even if the residents detest the queer Bucklanders that stroll by.

There is also a vibrant crafting community within the walls of this small village. Indeed, it would seem to have no rival in all of the east farthing. Yet its strength would certainly be domesticated animals; there are plenty of muddy fields for pigs to graze upon. Though there are still farms up the hills to the east of the village, so it is not entirely centred around one activity.

All is not well in Budgeford, however; there are tales of wolves prowling through the village at night! More then one hobbit has complained about this but what are lowly farmers to do – especially timid hobbits! Even more, there have been sightings of the Big People and one hobbit is paranoid that he is the target of these strange beings. Is there but no peace in all of the Shire?

Players will have a prolonged stay in Budgeford. Aside from the merchants and crafting facilities prevalent, there are many quests that run through the village. While the epic quest line has no place here, players will be tasked with defeating a dreaded wolf threat led by a Warg of Angmar! There will even be activity among Elves and Men; the two Big People who have business among Budgeford.


Crafting Stations
  • Oven (31.4S, 66.2W)
  • Workbench (31.4S, 66.0W)



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