Ctrl+J (Skirmish Join)  

Race: Other
Difficulty: Normal
Aggro: Friendly
Found in Zones: Middle-earth
Found in Areas: Global
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By using Ctrl+J or the Skirmish Join at the bottom of the options panel, you can join or create a Skirmish Quest. These quest can be Solo, Duo, Small Fellowship, Fellowship & Raid (12 players). There difficulty can be of Tier I, II, or III, with each tier being harder then the last.

You can start a Skirmish anywhere in game, by entering the Skirmish Join panel, when the Skirmish is completed, you are returned to where you was last, before you started the Skirmish.

Example Message you get when joining a Skirmish.
This quest involves a Skirmish that can be completed at Solo, Duo, Small Fellowship, Fellowship, or Raid group sized by using the Skirmish Join Panel. This Skirmish has a minimum level of 20.

Skirmishes can only be done by players of levels 20 or higher, when you reach the level of 20, you will recieve a Skirmish Enlistment Request in the mail. This will lead to your first Skirmish quest: Skirmishes -- Reporting In

Locations with maps: Middle-earth
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NameLevelMin Level
Angmar: Barad Gularan500
Angmar: Carn Dum500
Angmar: Halls of Night 400
Angmar: The Rift of Nurz Ghashu500
Angmar: Urugarth500
Annuminas: Glinghant400
Annuminas: Haudh Valandil400
Annuminas: Ost Elendil400
Annundir: Stoneheight650
Assault of the Ringwraiths' Lair -- Daily6565
Attack at Dawn300
Attack at Dawn -- Daily650
Battle of the Deep-way -- Daily 550
Battle of the Twenty-first Hall -- Daily550
Battle of the Way of Smiths-- Daily550
Breaching the Necromancer's Gate -- Daily6565
Challenge: Draigoch7575
Challenge: Raising Spirits (Daily)400
Challenge: The Perfect Fellowship200
Defence of the Prancing Pony -- Daily5065
Dol Guldur: Barad Guldur650
Dol Guldur: Dungeons of Dol Guldur650
Dol Guldur: Sammarh Gul650
Dol Guldur: Sword-hall of Dol Guldur650
Dol Guldur: Warg-pens of Dol Guldur650
End the Wailing at the Source200
Enedwaith: Draigoch's Lair7575
Enedwaith: Ost Dunhoth650
Eregion: Library at Tham Mirdain500
Eregion: School at Tham Mirdain500
Facing Your Fears (Daily)400
Forochel: Sari-surma650
Garth Agarwen: Arboretum320
Garth Agarwen: Barrows320
Garth Agarwen: Fortress320
Goblin-town: Throne Room500
Great Barrow: Sambrog240
Great Barrow: Thadur220
Great Barrow: The Maze200
Helegrod: Dragon Wing500
Helegrod: Drake Wing500
Helegrod: Giant Wing500
Helegrod: Spider Wing500
Inn of the Forsaken: Riddles in the Dark200
Inn of the Forsaken: Riddles in the Dark (Tier2)200
Instance: The Lost Temple650
Isengard: Dargnakh Unleashed7575
Isengard: Fangorn's Edge7575
Isengard: Pits of Isengard7575
Isengard: The Foundry7575
Isengard: The Tower of Orthanc7575
Lone-lands: Inn of the Forsaken200
Moria: Dar Narbugud600
Moria: Dark Delvings600
Moria: Fil Gashan600
Moria: Filikul600
Moria: Halls of Crafting590
Moria: Skumfil600
Moria: The Forges of Khazad-dum590
Moria: The Forgotten Treasury540
Moria: The Grand Stair560
Moria: The Mirror-halls of Lumul-nar600
Moria: The Sixteenth Hall600
Moria: The Vile Maw600
Moria: The Water Wheels - Nala-dum600
North-downs: Fornost390
Northcotton Farm (Repeatable)650
Protectors of Thangulhad -- Daily6560
Rescue in Nurz Ghashu -- Daily6565
Shire: The Northcotton Farm650
Skirmish -- Barrow-downs Survival4070
Skirmish: Battle of the Deep-way550
Skirmish: Battle of the Twenty-first Hall550
Skirmish: Battle of the Way of Smiths550
Stand at Amon Sul -- Daily3565
Storm on Methedras7575
Strike Against Dannenglor -- Daily6560
Survival -- Barrow-downs Phase 14070
Survival -- Barrow-downs Phase 24070
Survival -- Barrow-downs Phase 34070
Survival -- Barrow-downs Phase 44070
Survival -- Barrow-downs Phase 54070
Survival -- Barrow-downs Phase 64070
The Battle in the Tower -- Daily6565
The Ford of Bruinen -- Daily6555
The Icy Crevasse400
The Icy Crevasse -- Daily650
The Siege of Gondamon -- Daily3065
The Town of Stoneheight650
Thievery and Mischief -- Daily3065
Trollshaws: Lost Temple650
Trouble in Tuckborough -- Daily3065