Zone: The Shire
Type: Town
Quests: Starting: 12, Involved: 7
Mobs: 9
A short journey south of the township of Hobbitton, deep in the heart of Tookland, resides the small village of Tuckborough. This minute village is quiet and sleepy; yet there are a few sights that no hobbits forget: the Great Smials namely! Yes, that great underground hole resides deep in Tookland and is certainly a marvel for any to behold, hobbit or no. Though not all is well in this sleepy village; rumours speak of bears massing at its borders! What are innocent hobbits to do?

The village of Tuckborough is yet another hamlet that serves little point for players; save for quests and the Great Smials itself. Many quests can be found out of this village - but only if you're not too high level for them! If you plan on living a life in Tuckborough, be sure to visit it early to complete its myriad of quests. Yet there is also the Great Smials; so those who wish to see the sights of the Shire should visit.

Major landmarks, NPCs and other points of interest


  • Longo Burrow's Farm (33.0S, 70.3W)
  • The Great Smials (33.6S, 71.1W)
  • The Great Willow (33.6S, 70.4W)


  • Esilia Took, Grocer (33.0S, 71.1W)
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