Zone: The Shire
Type: Town
Quests: Starting: 12, Involved: 4
Mobs: 22

Residing down a short road from neibhouring Hobbiton is the trade village of Bywater. Certainly the former township is utilized for residential and agricultural purposes; and Bywater for trading and creating implements, tools and weaponary for hobbit-folk and other people who travel through the country. Yet that is not the only attraction: the Green Dragon Inn - a tavern of great repute among hobbits - is located here as well. A hobbit is never shy to take a break from the labours of the day and enjoy a good mug of ale!

Bywater will be a very convenient locale for players who do not wish to travel all the way back to Michel Delving for crafting and selling; indeed, every merchant and crafting station imaginable is located in this small village. There are, however, no quests to speak of, but a great inn is in the town: the Green Dragon Inn! While there is naught much to see in there from a gameplay perspective, it is a storied site for lovers of ale and beer.



Major landmarks, NPCs and other points of interest

Crafting Merchants / Trainers

  • Drogo Boffin, Provisioner (31.9S, 69.6W)
  • Novice Cook, Novice Cook (31.9S, 69.7W)
  • Novice Jeweler, Novice Jeweler (31.9S, 69.6W)
  • Novice Metalsmith, Novice Metalsmith (31.8S, 69.4W)
  • Novice Scholar, Novice Scholar (31.9S, 69.6W)
  • Novice Tailor, Novice Tailor (31.9S, 69.4W)
  • Novice Weaponcrafter, Novice Weaponcrafter (31.8S, 69.3W)
  • Novice Woodworker, Novice Woodworker (31.9S, 69.4W)
Crafting Stations
  • Forge (31.8S, 69.4W)
  • Oven (31.9S, 69.7W)
  • Study (31.9S, 69.6W)
  • Workbench (31.9S, 69.4W)


  • Methel-stage (32.6S, 69.9W)
  • The Green Dragon Inn (31.8S, 69.6W)
  • Three Farthing Stone (32.2S, 69.6W)


  • Aldo Topleaf, Medium Armour Trader (31.8S, 69.4W)
  • Barmy Rootknot, Tavern Keep (31.8S, 69.6W) [inside the Green Dragon Inn]
  • Filimer Took, Weapon Trader (31.8S, 69.3W)
  • Gerd Whitfoot, Tavern Keep (31.8S, 69.7W)
  • Hardo Thorney, Weapon Trader (31.9S, 69.4W)
  • Holba Blackiron, Light Armour Trader (31.8S, 69.4W)
  • Neldo Oaklane, Bowyer (31.9S, 69.3W