Zone: The Shire
Type: Unknown
Location: 33.7S, 72.3W
Quests: Starting: 8, Involved: 5
Mobs: 27
The Tookland is a vast expanse of land in the southern reaches of the Shire belonging entirely to the Tooks! The principal township of this area is Tuckburough, the site of the Great Smials. It is a rather peaceful area, and there is little trouble, even in these dark times. Yet will it always be so?


There are very few quests that make their way through Tookland, yet some still do. The area also has much game for players to procure - bears, wolves badgers - and does include many low level resources. If players desire some free-flowing exploration of the wilderness of the Shire, then Tookland would be a fantastic start.