Zone: The Shire
Type: Unknown
Location: 31.3S, 68.0W
Quests: Starting: 1, Involved: 5
Mobs: 6
On the eastern edges of the East Farthing lies a vast marsh-land known as the Frogmoors. This expanse of land keeps to its name very well: it is inhabited by amphibians only. Most commonly, however, are various species of toad, frog and snake. Yet there are two strange reports: one of a very large toad and a gruff-looking man. Do either of these strangers pose a threat to the security of nearby Frogmorton?


There are a few quests that make their way through the Frogmoors, including the taming of Lotho (the large toad) and an offering of peace towards Callum, the gruff looking man spotted in the area. Save for these quests, there is naught much else available for prospective hobbits. Click here for more and bigger maps with filtering options