Great Smials  

Zone: The Shire
Type: Unknown in Tuckborough
Location: 33.6S, 71.1W
Quests: Starting: 5, Involved: 5
Mobs: 4
Deep in the heart of Tookland, at the rear of the principal village of Tuckborough, lies deep holes known as the Great Smials. To hobbits, a smial is a collection of particular and unique artifacts that they wish to preserve. The Great Smials are large collections of said artifacts that are taken care of by the adventorous Tooks of the East Farthing. What sort of collections could they be so interested in?


A couple of quests can be found in the Great Smials, but the repository is best known for its sight-seeing endeavours. Click here for more and bigger maps with filtering options
    Great Smials