The Haunted Burrow  

Zone: The Shire
Type: Non-Instanced Dungeon in The Party Tree
Level: 10 - 85
Location: 29.6S, 71.6W
Quests: Starting: 1, Involved: 11
Mobs: 6

This dungeon is divided into many sections:
Basement, this area contains the Poorly Hidden Chest
Cobwebbed Wing
Creeping Wing
Main Cellar, The only entrance, and main exit to this area. It has doors to all other areas. Attic, Cobwebbed Wing, & Creeping Wing on the North-east (right-hand) of map. And Basement & Mystery Room on the North-west (left-hand) of map.
Mystery Room, connects to Bag End, 3 loot chests inside, and has an exit to The Party Tree

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    The Haunted Burrow