Mobs by NPC Type: Novice Weaponcrafter

Balbo Grubb, Novice WeaponcrafterThe Shire Michel Delving 
Bob Birchcutter (Novice Weaponcrafter), Novice WeaponcrafterBree-land Combe Crafting Hall 
Crisdan (Novice Weaponcrafter), Novice WeaponcrafterNorth Downs Craft-hall of Esteldin 
Dantlassil, Novice WeaponcrafterEred Luin Celondim 
Fuchfia Proudfoot, Novice WeaponcrafterThe Shire Bywater 
Fuchsia Proudfoot, Novice WeaponcrafterThe Shire Bywater 
Galuoneth (Novice Weaponcrafter), Novice WeaponcrafterRivendell The Forges of Rivendell 
Gardenia Grubb, Novice WeaponcrafterThe Shire Brockenborings 
Griss Stonesmasher, Novice WeaponcrafterThorin's Gate Thorin's Hall 
Hannis (Novice Weaponcrafter), Novice WeaponcrafterThorin's Gate Crafting Hall (Thorin's Gate) 
Hending Greenhand, Novice WeaponcrafterEvendim Oatbarton 
Mat Longacre (Novice Weaponcrafter), Novice WeaponcrafterEvendim Tinnudir 
Mimosa Proudfoot, Novice WeaponcrafterThe Shire Budgeford 
Novice Weaponcrafter, Novice WeaponcrafterNorth Downs Trestlebridge 
Rob Hollyleaf, Novice WeaponcrafterBree-town Three-farrow Crafting Hall 
Rose Burrows, Novice WeaponcrafterBree-land Buckland 
Sindri, Novice WeaponcrafterEred Luin Gondamon 
Sindri (Novice Weaponcrafter), Novice WeaponcrafterThorin's Hall Thorin's Hall - The Maker's Hall