Book 3, Chapter 1: Secrets of Zudrugund  

Prerequisite: Book II, Chapter 15: An Echo of Days Past
Series Name: Volume III, Book 3: Echoes of the Dead
Leads To: Chapter 2: At the Stone of Erech
Start Zone: Enedwaith
Start Area: Nar's Peak
Start Location: Zudrugund
Start Mob: Corunir (Zudrugund)
Flags: Epic, Solo
Cash Granted: 11s 34c
Item Exp Granted: 5602
Quest Level: 65
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Locations with maps: Enedwaith
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    Corunir (Zudrugund)
    Nar's Peak


'I do not like this, Name. How has Nar come to know of our potential road? That Elrond advised his sons to remember the Paths of the Dead, for we may have need to walk them, was known to but a few, and all of them trustworthy.

'Something is not right about this. It will not be long before we must set out again, but in the time before we do we must learn what we can about Nar's recent activities. There may be some clue in them to reveal the source of his knowledge concerning our errand.

'Speak to Frithgeir about Nar. He proved helpful in returning his friend to clarity, short-lived though it was, and may help us again.'


A serious complication has arisen in regard to the quest of the Grey Company: how does the dwarf Nar have knowledge of its potential road?


Objective 1

  • Talk to Frithgeir
  • Frithgeir is in the library at Zudrugund.

    Corunir has asked you to speak with Frithgeir about Nar, in hopes that he can reveal the source of his friend's unexpected knowledge of the Grey Company's possible road.

    Objective 2

  • Search bookshelves in Zudrugund (0/3)
  • Frithgeir has pointed out bookshelves in Zudrugund where Nar has spent time recently, at the shelves south-east of Frithgeir, surrounding an illuminated statue.

    You should investigate bookshelves where Nar has shown recent interest, hoping it will prove instructive.

    Objective 3

  • Talk to Nar
  • Nar is somewhere within Zudrugund.

    You have searched the bookshelves pointed out to you by Frithgeir, but have learned little that seems relevant to Nar's mysterious knowledge of the Grey Company's intentions.

    Objective 4

  • Talk to Corunir
  • Corunir is in Zudrugund, the dwarf-hall in Thror's Coomb.

    You have spoken to Nar about what you found in the bookshelves you were pointed to by Frithgeir, but have learned little of use. You should report of your efforts to Corunir.

    Objective 5

  • Talk to Candaith
  • Candaith is at a campsite of the Grey Company in a grove of trees east of the Dunlending village of Lhanuch, in Nan Laeglin.

    Corunir has sent you to speak with Candaith to see if he has thought of a reason for Nar to have mentioned the Paths of the Dead.