Instance: Ergothorn Elf-friend  

Series Name: Volume III, Book 3: Echoes of the Dead
Included in Quest: Chapter 4: Ergothorn Elf-friend
Start Zone: Enedwaith
Start Area: Lich Bluffs
Start Location: Lhaid Ogo
Flags: Epic, Fellowship
Quest Level: 65
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Locations with maps: Enedwaith
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    Bestial Kergrim
    Dancing Light
    Decaying Wight
    Kergrim Heaver
    Shambling Wight
    Lich Bluffs
    Enedwaith Reflecting Pool


Lhaid Ogo
"Can the words of Ergothorn be trusted? If so, a messenger from Dunland must be somewhere in the depths of Lhaid Ogo, hurt and afraid..."


Somewhere inside Lhaid Ogo, a messenger from Dunland may be in trouble.

This quest is meant for a fellowship. If you choose to undertake this quest solo you will receive an Inspired Greatness bonus, but the challenge will be great.


Objective 1

  • Search Lhaid Ogo for the lost Dunlending messenger

The muddy depths of Lhaid Ogo are home to many decaying horrors, and a Dunlending messenger may be lost within.

Objective 2

  • Talk to Anirin in Lhaid Ogo

You have found Anirin in the dpeths of Lhaid Ogo and should speak with him.


You can pick up this deed during this quest:
Lhaid Ogo Exploration