Consignment: Light Hides  

Leads To: Consignment: Medium Hides
Start Zone: The Shire
Start Area: Overhill
Start Location: Bindbole Wood
Started By Item:Quest Time: 6h
Flags: Crafting, Repeatable
Items Rewarded:Quest Level: 1
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Locations with maps: The Shire
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    Skinner Grubb
    Tanner Boffin
    Collection of Light Hides


You fill in the important information on the work order and need only deliver it to Tanner Boffin at Overhill in the Shire.


Hobbit hunters in the secluded village of Overhill are adept at hunting, skinning, and treating hides. You have placed an order with the Hobbits of Overhill for a collection of light hides.


Objective 1
Deliver the completed work order to Tanner Boffin in Overhill
Tanner Boffin is in Overhill in the Shire.

You filled out the work order form for light hides and are ready to place your order with the Hobbits of Overhill.

Objective 2
Wait six hours for your light hide delivery
Skinner Grubb is in Overhill in the Shire.

Tanner Boffin told you to speak with Skinner Grubb in six hours to pick up your order.

Objective 3
Talk to Skinner Grubb
Skinner Grubb is in Overhill in the Shire.

Six hours have passed, and the Hobbits of Overhill promised to have your delivery complete. You should speak with Skinner Grubb.


You buy the Work Order: Light Hides from Tanner Boffin, then click on it in inventory to start the quest, and then speak to Tanner Boffin again to start the quest.

It has a timer, before you can talk to Skinner Grubb to get the key, when the timer is up you speak to Skinner Grubb to get the key, when the key is in inventory, you click on the Collection of Light Hides to get the resources.

You do not get the same hides every time, it is random what you get.