Chapter 11: Worth Beyond Measure  

Prerequisite: Chapter 10: Forgotten Lineage
Series Name: Volume II, Book 1: The Walls of Moria
Leads To: Chapter 12: Forged Anew
Start Zone: Thorin's Hall
Start Area: Thorin's Hall
Start Location: Thorin's Hall - The Forging Hall
Start Mob: Wafi
Flags: Epic
Cash Granted: 9s 94c
Exp Granted: 2441
Quest Level: 50
Min Level: 46
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Locations with maps: Rivendell | Thorin's Hall
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    Thorin's Hall


Objective 1
Achieve the tenth level of advancement with your new weapon

Objective 2
Bring your new weapon to either Wafi or Dithalion


Item Advancement weapons gain experience as you fight experience-granting enemies with them. When such a weapon recieves enough experience, it gains a level.