Book 1 -- Chapter 9: Weapon of the Elder Days (Guardian)  

Series Name: Volume II, Book 1: The Walls of Moria
Included in Quest: Chapter 9: Weapon of the Elder Days
Required Class: Guardian
Start Zone: Eregion
Start Area: Nan Sirannon
Start Location: Echad Dunann
Start Mob: Rathwald
Flags: Class, Epic, Solo
Items Rewarded:Cash Granted: 9s 94c
Exp Granted: 2441
Quest Level: 50
Min Level: 46
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Locations with maps: Eregion
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    Nan Sirannon


'We dare not approach our old camp until we find some way to defeat the creature in the Black Pool, Name. I cannot let you pass.

'A number of dwarves of our expedition are resting at Echad Dunann, just to the west. Speak to Hundi there; he was instrumental in uncovering the cache of weapons of which I spoke.'


The dwarves are desperate for some means of defeating the Watcher that waits in the Black Pool before the Walls of Moria.


Objective 1

  • Talk to Hundi
  • Hundi is at Echad Dunann, not far to the west of Rathwald, in Eregion.

    Rathwald has asked you to speak to his friend Hundi, who aided in the recovery of a cache of weapons that may proves useful.