Items by Slot: Travel and Maps

Crude Map of Grimwood  iconCrude Map of Grimwood 50   None    
Crude Map of Isendeep iconCrude Map of Isendeep50   None    
Crude Map of Lugazag iconCrude Map of Lugazag50   None    
Eyes and Guard Tavern Map iconEyes and Guard Tavern Map   None    
Map to Angmar iconMap to Angmar   1c   Quested From: Book 1, Chapter 7: Lothrandir of the Frozen Wastes (65)  
Map to Angmar - Aughaire iconMap to Angmar - Aughaire38   None    
Map to Angmar - Gath Forthnir iconMap to Angmar - Gath Forthnir44   None    
Map to Angmar - Imlad Balchorth iconMap to Angmar - Imlad Balchorth43   None    
Map to Angmar - Tarmunn Sursa iconMap to Angmar - Tarmunn Sursa45   None    
Map to Angmar - Western Malenhad  iconMap to Angmar - Western Malenhad 38   None    
Map to Aughaire iconMap to Aughaire   None    
Map to Bree-land - Bree-land Homesteads iconMap to Bree-land - Bree-land Homesteads5   None    
Map to Bree-land - Buckland iconMap to Bree-land - Buckland11   None    
Map to Bree-land - Hengstacer Farm iconMap to Bree-land - Hengstacer Farm5   None    
Map to Bree-land - Hengstacer Farm  iconMap to Bree-land - Hengstacer Farm 10   None    
Map to Bree-land - N. Barrow-downs iconMap to Bree-land - N. Barrow-downs13   None    
Map to Bree-land - The Horsefields iconMap to Bree-land - The Horsefields10   None    
Map to Bree-land - The Old Forest iconMap to Bree-land - The Old Forest13   None    
Map to Bree-land - W. Bree-town iconMap to Bree-land - W. Bree-town1   None    
Map to Bree-town iconMap to Bree-town   1c    
Map to Duillond iconMap to Duillond10   None    
Map to Dunland - Galtrev iconMap to Dunland - Galtrev60   None    
Map to Dunland - Grimbold's Camp iconMap to Dunland - Grimbold's Camp68   None    
Map to Dunland - Lhan Rhos iconMap to Dunland - Lhan Rhos64   None    
Map to Echad Dunann iconMap to Echad Dunann10   None   Dropped by: Hardened Tomb-robber  
Map to Echad Mirobel iconMap to Echad Mirobel   None    
Map to Emyn Lum iconMap to Emyn Lum   None    
Map to Enedwaith - Echad Saeradan iconMap to Enedwaith - Echad Saeradan60   None    
Map to Enedwaith - Nar's Peak iconMap to Enedwaith - Nar's Peak60   None    
Map to Ered Luin - Duilond iconMap to Ered Luin - Duilond1   None    
Map to Ered Luin - Falathlorn Homesteads iconMap to Ered Luin - Falathlorn Homesteads5   None    
Map to Ered Luin - Thorin's Hall iconMap to Ered Luin - Thorin's Hall   None    
Map to Eregion - Echad Dunann iconMap to Eregion - Echad Dunann45   None    
Map to Eregion - Echad Mirobel iconMap to Eregion - Echad Mirobel45   None    
Map to Eregion - Gwingris iconMap to Eregion - Gwingris43   None    
Map to Esteldin iconMap to Esteldin   1c   Quested From: Halros Should Go (65), Halros Should Stay (65)  
Map to Esteldin iconMap to Esteldin   None    
Map to Evendim - Annuminas iconMap to Evendim - Annuminas35   None    
Map to Evendim - Eavespires iconMap to Evendim - Eavespires31   None    
Map to Evendim - Oatbarton iconMap to Evendim - Oatbarton25   None    
Map to Evendim - Tinnudir iconMap to Evendim - Tinnudir28   None    
Map to Forochel iconMap to Forochel   1c   Quested From: Book 1, Chapter 6: Farewell to Evendim (65)  
Map to Forochel - Kauppa-kohta iconMap to Forochel - Kauppa-kohta40   None    
Map to Forochel - Pynti-peldot iconMap to Forochel - Pynti-peldot40   None    
Map to Forochel - Suri-kyla iconMap to Forochel - Suri-kyla40   None    
Map to Gharaf-fehem iconMap to Gharaf-fehem51   None    
Map to Hadudbab iconMap to Hadudbab   None    
Map to Hobbiton iconMap to Hobbiton10   7c    
Map to Lone-lands iconMap to Lone-lands   None    
Map to Lone-lands - Ost Guruth iconMap to Lone-lands - Ost Guruth20   None    
Map to Lothlorien - Echad Andestel iconMap to Lothlorien - Echad Andestel55   None    
Map to Mezer-serej iconMap to Mezer-serej51   7c    
Map to Michel Delving iconMap to Michel Delving   1c    
Map to Mirkwood - Emyn Lum iconMap to Mirkwood - Emyn Lum58   None    
Map to Mirkwood - Scuttledells iconMap to Mirkwood - Scuttledells65   None    
Map to Misty Mtns - Cirith Imladris iconMap to Misty Mtns - Cirith Imladris35   None    
Map to Misty Mtns - Goblin-town iconMap to Misty Mtns - Goblin-town43   None    
Map to Misty Mtns - Hrimbarg iconMap to Misty Mtns - Hrimbarg44   None    
Map to Moria - Chamber of Crossroads iconMap to Moria - Chamber of Crossroads48   None    
Map to Moria - Deep Descent iconMap to Moria - Deep Descent50   None    
Map to Moria - Dolven-view iconMap to Moria - Dolven-view47   None    
Map to Moria - First Hall iconMap to Moria - First Hall53   None    
Map to Moria - Flaming Deeps iconMap to Moria - Flaming Deeps51   None    
Map to Moria - Gharaf-fehem iconMap to Moria - Gharaf-fehem53   None    
Map to Moria - Hadudbab iconMap to Moria - Hadudbab53   None    
Map to Moria - Jazargund iconMap to Moria - Jazargund50   None    
Map to Moria - Mezer-serej iconMap to Moria - Mezer-serej50   None    
Map to Moria - Redhorn Lodes iconMap to Moria - Redhorn Lodes50   None    
Map to Moria - Rotting Cellar iconMap to Moria - Rotting Cellar50   None    
Map to Moria - Shadowed Refuge iconMap to Moria - Shadowed Refuge55   None    
Map to Moria - Twenty-first Hall iconMap to Moria - Twenty-first Hall50   None    
Map to Moria - Zirakzigil iconMap to Moria - Zirakzigil50   None    
Map to North Downs - Amon Raith iconMap to North Downs - Amon Raith16   None    
Map to North Downs - Esteldin iconMap to North Downs - Esteldin20   None    
Map to North Downs - Meluinen iconMap to North Downs - Meluinen21   None    
Map to North Downs - Othrikar iconMap to North Downs - Othrikar23   None    
Map to North Downs - Trestlebridge iconMap to North Downs - Trestlebridge16   None    
Map to Northern Barrow-downs iconMap to Northern Barrow-downs15   None    
Map to Ost Guruth iconMap to Ost Guruth20   None    
Map to Rivendell iconMap to Rivendell   None    
Map to Shire - Hobbiton iconMap to Shire - Hobbiton1   None    
Map to Suri-kyla iconMap to Suri-kyla40   None   Dropped by: Khundolar Archer, Khundolar Berserker, Khundolar Captain, ...  
Map to the Bree-land iconMap to the Bree-land   1c   Quested From: Book 1, Chapter 2: Candaith's Hidden Cache (65)  
Map to the Eavespires iconMap to the Eavespires30   None   Dropped by: Chief's Captain, Chief's Enforcer, Chief's Hunter, ...  
Map to the Lone-lands iconMap to the Lone-lands   1c   Quested From: Book 1, Chapter 1: Gallant as Elf-lords (65)  
Map to the Lone-lands - Agamaur iconMap to the Lone-lands - Agamaur26   None    
Map to the Lone-lands - Forsaken Inn iconMap to the Lone-lands - Forsaken Inn15   None    
Map to the Lone-lands - Harloeg iconMap to the Lone-lands - Harloeg25   None    
Map to the Misty Mountains iconMap to the Misty Mountains   None    
Map to the Shire iconMap to the Shire   1c   Quested From: Book 1, Chapter 3: Saeradan's Watchfulness (65)  
Map to the Shire - Hobbiton iconMap to the Shire - Hobbiton   None    
Map to the Shire - Shire Homesteads iconMap to the Shire - Shire Homesteads5   None    
Map to Thorin's Hall iconMap to Thorin's Hall   None    
Map to Thorin's Hall iconMap to Thorin's Hall   1c    
Map to Thorin's Hall - Thorin's Hall Homesteads iconMap to Thorin's Hall - Thorin's Hall Homesteads5   None    
Map to Tinnudir iconMap to Tinnudir   None    
Map to Trollshaws - Barachen's Camp iconMap to Trollshaws - Barachen's Camp28   None    
Map to Trollshaws - Echad Candelleth iconMap to Trollshaws - Echad Candelleth35   None    
Map to Trollshaws - Rivendell iconMap to Trollshaws - Rivendell20   None    
Map to Trollshaws - Thorenhad iconMap to Trollshaws - Thorenhad31   None    
Map to West Bree iconMap to West Bree10   None    
Poor Map of Isendeep iconPoor Map of Isendeep50   None    
Poor Map of Lugazag iconPoor Map of Lugazag50   None    
Poor Map of Tirith Rhaw iconPoor Map of Tirith Rhaw50   None    
Poor Map of Tol Ascarnen  iconPoor Map of Tol Ascarnen 50   None    
Precise Map to Glan Vraig iconPrecise Map to Glan Vraig   22s 50c   Sold by: Coldfells QuarterMaster  
Tattered Map to Glan Vraig  iconTattered Map to Glan Vraig   2s   Sold by: Coldfells QuarterMaster