Book 1, Chapter 1: Gallant as Elf-lords  

Prerequisite: Volume III, Prologue: Messages from Lorien
Series Name: Volume III, Book 1: Oath of the Rangers
Leads To: Book 1, Chapter 2: Candaith's Hidden Cache
Start Zone: Rivendell
Start Area: Rivendell Valley
Start Location: The Last Homely House
Start Mob: Pethelen
Flags: Epic
Items Rewarded:Cash Granted: 28s 35c
Exp Granted: 9217
Item Exp Granted: 9277
Quest Level: 65
Min Level: 62
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Locations with maps: Trollshaws | Rivendell
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'The sons of Elrond have already left for Thorenhad to prepare for the coming journey. Elrohir did say that one of the Dunedain, a Ranger named Radanir, was stayong a few days at their camp. As Thorenhad is nearest to Radanir before seeking the others.

'I have met few of Aragorn's kin, but Radanir is known to me, for he journeys oft into the trackless Ettenmoors and often stays here in Rivendell. For a time, my brethren sought to convince him to join the company in song in the Hall of Fire, as Aragirn would, but Radanir would have none of it.'


You have been charged by Elrond of Rivendell with gathering the Aragorn's Duneadan kin throughout Eriador.


Objective 1

  • Talk to Elrohir at Thorenhad
  • Elrohir is at Thorenhad, the camp of the sons of Elrond, north of the Bruinen Gorges in the Trollshaws.

    Pethelen has suggested a first step for your urgent errand: a visit with Elrohir at Thorenhad for an introduction to Radanir, one of the Dunedain currently staying at Thorenhad.

    Objective 2
  • Talk to Elweleth at Thorwnhad
  • Elweleth is by the horses at Thorenhad, the camp of the sons of Elrond in the Trollshaws.

    Elrohir has told you to speak with Elweleth, for she will know where Radanir the ranger has gone, if anyone will.

    Objective 3
  • Talk to Radanir
  • Radanir is at the Laenan cave system, located in the north-west reaches of the Gladdalf, the wood-troll infested marshes of the North Trollshaws.

    You have spoken with Elweleth at Thorenhad, and she told you where to find Radanir the Dunedan.

    Objective 4
  • Defeat Laenan Orc-warriors (0/8)
  • Defeat Laenan Orc-defilers (0/4)
  • Defeat Laenan Orc-leader
  • Orc-warriors, Orc-defilers and their leaders can be found within the confusing network of tunnels known as Laenan.

    Radanir has agreed to join the Grey Company on its journey south to aid Aragorn, but he wants you to deal with the Orc raiding-party he tracked through the Trollshaws.

    Objective 5
  • Talk to Elrohir at Thorenhad
  • Elrohir is at Thorenhad, his camp in the Trollshaws.

    You have given Radanir the message for which you sought him, and he has agreed to join the Grey Company on its journey south. You should return to Elrohir now that you have dealt with the Orc raiding-party in the Laenan caves.