Coldfells QuarterMaster (Field Services), Provisioner  

Race: Man
Aggro: Friendly
Found in Zones: Ettenmoors
Found in Areas: Glain Vraig
Location: 20.7S, 13.5W
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Locations with maps: Ettenmoors
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    Coldfells QuarterMaster
NameTypeMin LevelCost
Ancient Blade Dagger lvl 48 20s 56c
Beast-eater Halberd lvl 48 34s 88c
Captain-General's Cloak Cloak 45s
Commander's-Cloak Cloak 30s
Dagger of the Badger Dagger lvl 48 20s 56c
Dashing Blade One-Handed Sword lvl 48 32s 88c
Divider One-Handed Axe lvl 48 32s 88c
Dorchathol Two-Handed Axe lvl 48 49s 28c
Esquire's Cloak Cloak 24s 60c
First Marshal's Cloak Cloak 45s
Footman's Cloak Cloak 24s
Glory of Dominance Halberd lvl 48 34s 88c
Guardsman's Cloak Cloak 25s 20c
Hand-carved Drum Ranged lvl 40 8s 80c
Heart-pounder One-Handed Mace lvl 48 32s 76c
High Warden's Cloak Cloak 28s 80c
Lieutenant's Cloak Cloak 29s 40c
Mahogany Bay Horse Mount lvl 35 5g 64s
Mahogany Bay Pony Mount lvl 35 5g 64s
Man-at-Arms Cloak Cloak 25s 80c
Master Guardsman's Cloak Cloak 27s 60c
Master-at-Arms Cloak Cloak 28s 20c
Precise Map to Glan Vraig Travel and Maps 90s
Remembered Ire Staff lvl 48 30s 88c
Robe of the Moors Light Armour lvl 48 31s 80c
Second Marshal's Cloak Cloak 45s
Sergeant of the Guard's Cloak Cloak 26s 40c
Sergeant-at-Arms Cloak Cloak 27s
Song-bird Bow lvl 48 31s 68c
Spider-biter One-Handed Sword lvl 48 32s 88c
Stone-blinder Two-Handed Hammer lvl 48 49s 28c
Stonehelm Shield Heavy Shield lvl 48 49s 28c
Tattered Map to Glan Vraig Travel and Maps 8s
Third Marshal's Cloak Cloak 45s
Thol-Leggar Medium Armour lvl 48 34s 32c
Wigskold Heavy Shield lvl 48 73s 92c