Quests starting in Ita-ma

A Midwinter's Thaw 46 Forochel Ita-ma 
A Respectable Ritual 45 Forochel Ita-ma 
A Sword Shivered 47 Forochel Ita-ma 
All Strung Out 48 Forochel Ita-ma 
Another Thin Winter 45 Forochel Ita-ma 
Cat-tusk Scrimshaw 46 Forochel Ita-ma 
Claiming the Jewel 49 Forochel Ita-ma 
Dwarves and Mammoths 46 Forochel Ita-ma 
Encroaching Sabretooth 46 Forochel Ita-ma 
Feeding the Need 47 Forochel Ita-ma 
Gauradan Incursions 46 Forochel Ita-ma 
Grudgingly-earned 45 Forochel Ita-ma 
Harsh Prospects 48 Forochel Ita-ma 
Ice at the Water's Edge 46 Forochel Ita-ma 
Instance: The Ties That Bind 47 Forochel Ita-ma 
My Sister's Sword 45 Forochel Ita-ma 
Ore for the Forge 46 Forochel Ita-ma 
Reclaiming from the Raiders 48 Forochel Ita-ma 
Reclaiming the Homestead 46 Forochel Ita-ma 
Silent Feet 44 Forochel Ita-ma 
Smoke on the Horizon 45 Forochel Ita-ma 
Task: Broken Great Swords (Pynti-peldot) 43 Forochel Ita-ma 
Task: Gilded Sword Sheath (Pynti-peldot) 44 Forochel Ita-ma 
Task: Pure Black Fur (Pynti-peldot) 43 Forochel Ita-ma 
Task: Pure Black Skin (Pynti-peldot) 44 Forochel Ita-ma 
The Longest Fangs 46 Forochel Ita-ma 
The Ransom of Angmar 48 Forochel Ita-ma 
The Ties That Bind 46 Forochel Ita-ma 
Three Sheets to the Wind 47 Forochel Ita-ma 
Treasure of the Lossoth 49 Forochel Ita-ma 

Quests involving Ita-ma

Book XIII, Chapter 3: Favour of Endurance 50 Forochel Ja-rannit 
Gauradan Incursions 46 Forochel Ita-ma