Gauradan Incursions  

Start Zone: Forochel
Start Area: Ita-ma
Start Location: Pynti-peldot
Start Mob: Heikki
Items Rewarded:Reputation Increased: 700 Lossoth of Forochel
Cash Granted: 23s 45c
Exp Granted: 4042
Quest Level: 46
Min Level: 41
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Locations with maps: Forochel
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    Gauradan Fetish


'Ora thinks your intentions are noble, then, does she? That remains to be seen. But if you should care to investigate something....

'You know of the Susi-vaki? Yes, they who wear the pelts. It used to be that they were no real threat, as their haunts were far from ours. Recently, however, I have had reports from Scout-master Lauri that Gauradan-fetishes have been spotted within the northern exit of the Ja-kuru, the ice-canyons that lead to the Taur Orthon, south of here.

'The Susi-vaki use fetishes to mark the extent of territory that they claim or intend to claim as theirs. With these, destroy some of those fetishes -- that should throw them into some confusion. If it keeps happening, they shall soon enough get the message that their incursions will not be tolerated.'


Heikki told you that the Gauredain placed many wards at the northern entrance of the ice-canyons that lead south to Taur Orthon.


Objective 1
Destroy Gauradan-fetishes (0/10

Gauradan-fetishes can be found around around and within the entrance of the Ja-kura, south of Pynti-peldot.

Heikki has asked you to destroy several Gauradan-fetishes in order to hinder their incursions against the Lossoth of Pynti-peldot.

Objective 2
Talk to Heikki

Heikki is at Pynti-peldot, north of Ja-kuru.

You should return at once to Heikki with news of your success.