Consignment: Uncommon Ore  

Locations with maps: Thorin's Gate
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    Foreman Ori
    Miner Onar
    Crate of Uncommon Ore


You fill out the necessary information on the work order. All you need do now is deliver the work order to Foreman Ori at Thorin's Gate in Ered Luin.


Dwarves are accomplished miners and some sell their services. You have employed such dwarves to collect uncommon ore for you outside the gates of Thorin's Hall in the village called Thorin's Gate.


Objective 1
Deliver the Work Order to Foreman Ori
Foreman Ori is at Thorin's Gate in Eren Luin.

After puchasing a work order for uncommon ore, you completed the form and only need to deliver it to Foreman Ori.

Objective 2
Your order for uncommon ore will be prepared in twenty hours.

Miner Onar is in Thorin's Gate in Eren Luin.

Foreman Ori told you to speak with Miner Onar in twenty hours to pick up your order.

Objective 3
Talk to Miner Onar

Miner Onar is in Thorin's Gate in Eren Luin.

The miners of Thorin's Gate said it would take twenty hours to organize your delivery. That time has passed. You should speak with Miner Onar.


You buy the Work Order: Uncommon Ore from Foreman Ori, then click on it in inventory to start the quest, and then speak to Foreman Ori again to start the quest.

It has a timer, before you can talk to Miner Onar to get the key, when the timer is up you speak to Miner Onar to get the key, when the key is in inventory, you click on the Crate of Uncommon Ore to get the resources.

You do not get the same ore every time, it is random what you get.