Foreman Ori (Mine Foreman), Provisioner  

Race: Dwarf
Aggro: Friendly
Found in Zones: Thorin's Gate
Found in Areas: Silver Deep Mine
Location: 14.6S, 101.9W (post-instance)
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Locations with maps: Thorin's Gate
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    Foreman Ori
NameTypeMin LevelCost
Bronze Blade Mould Component 1s 60c
Bronze Cutlery Mould Component 1s 60c
Fine Glass Lens Component 2s 40c
High-Grade Steel Blade Mould Component 4s
High-Grade Steel Cutlery Mould Component 4s
Long Ash Shaft Component 2s 40c
Long Rowan Shaft Component 1s 60c
Long Yew Shaft Component 4s
Polished Glass Lens Component 4s
Rough Glass Lens Component 1s 60c
Short Ash Shaft Component 2s 40c
Short Rowan Shaft Component 1s 60c
Short Yew Shaft Component 4s
Smithing Hammer Tool 2s
Spool of Bronze Wire Component 1s 60c
Spool of High-Grade Steel Wire Component 4s
Spool of Low-Grade Steel Wire Component 2s 40c
Work Order: Common Ore Quest Item 10s
Work Order: Rare Ore Quest Item 30s
Work Order: Uncommon Ore Quest Item 20s
Work Order: Valuable Ore Quest Item 40s