Book 6, Chapter 4: Swift Hooves  

Prerequisite: Book 6, Chapter 3: Daughter of Suvulch
Series Name: Epic - Vol. III. Book 6: Mists of Anduin
Leads To: Book 6, Chapter 5: Old Friends and New Tidings
Start Zone: Enedwaith
Start Area: Nan Laeglin
Start Location: Pool of the King
Start Mob: Suvulch (Pool of the King)
Flags: Epic, Solo
Cash Granted: 13s 44c
Exp Granted: 10714
Item Exp Granted: 4682
Quest Level: 75
Max Level: 70
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Locations with maps: Lothlorien | Enedwaith
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    Suvulch (Pool of the King)
    Nan Laeglin


You will automatically travel to Talan Haldir in Lothlorien when you accept this quest.

'I do not believe in long farewells. You have little time to delay. You must ride swiftly, for you have a long journey ahead of you.'


Nona has said her farewells to Suvulch, and now it is time for you to ride with Nona into Lothlorien.


Objective 1

  • Travel to Lothlorien and speak with Haldir on his flet outside the borders

Haldir is on a flet outside of Lothlorien.

You should speak with Haldir to obtain permission to travel with Nona into Lothlorien.