Introduction to Farming (Dwarf)  

Series Name: Crafting (Dwarf)
Requires Tradeskill: Farmer
Start Zone: Thorin's Gate
Start Area: Frerin's Court
Start Location: Crafting Hall (Thorin's Gate)
Start Mob: Loftur (Master of Apprentices)
Start NPC Type: Master of Apprentices
Flags: Crafting
Items Needed:Items Rewarded:Quest Level: 1
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Locations with maps: Thorin's Gate
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    Loftur (Master of Apprentices)
    Frerin's Court
    The Greenhouse
    Yellow Onion Field


'By Durin's beard! Are you serious?

He mutters to himself.

'You are not the only farmer that I have met in my days, but I find that most farmers are...never mind.

'Imir has been assigned the task of teaching all the new farmers their basics. Go and speak with him in the greenhouse -- though I do hope that you will reconsider.

'You can find the greenhouse entrance is to the right of the main entrance of the Hall.'


Farming is an especially important profession as farmers provide the world with food, and as any hobbit will attest, food is one of the most precious commodities that there is.

Be careful! You will need to complete the correct recipes and deliver the correct items outlined in this quest.

You will need to execute the yellow onion field and yellow onion recipes and deliver the yellow onion. Failing to do so will force you to obtain new raw materials or to restart the quest after a 24-hour delay.


Objective 1

  • Speak with Imir near the farmland in the crafting area.
  • You should speak with Imir within the greenhouse near Thorin's Hall to learn more about farming and set yourself on a path to good eating.

    Objective 2

  • Open the crate given to you by Imir to collect a Apprentice Crop Seed, a Handful of Fertilizer and Bucket of Water
  • Imir provided you with a crate full of ingredients that you can use to execute the yellow onion recipe. Open the crate to get the ingredients.

    Ingredients for Farmers are normally purchased from vendors. You can also find ingredients on the Auction Hall.

    Objective 3

  • Using the ingredients you received, plant a yellow onion
  • Imir provided you with the ingredients necessary to create a yellow onion. First however, you must prepare the yellow onion field.

    Objective 4

  • Collect the fair yellow onion crop
  • Activate the Track Crops skill
  • Imir provided you with the ingredients necessary to create a yellow onion. You must now harvest your yellow onion field and obtain a fair yellow onion crop. To find the field, activate the fair yellow onion cropTrack Crops skill.

    Objective 5

  • Using the ingredients you have, pick a yellow onion at the workbench
  • You have harvested your field, and you are now ready to pick the yellow onion, as instructed by Imir. Make your way to a nearby workbench to pick through your crops.

    Objective 6

  • Bring the yellow onion to Imir
  • The recipes are complete. Do not eat or sale the yellow onion! It is time to show your handiwork to your mentor, Imir.