Book 2. Chapter 4: Enemies in the Ever Dark  

Prerequisite: Book 2. Chapter 3: Zigilburk the Unrivaled
Series Name: Volume II, Book 2: Echoes of the Dark
Leads To: Book 2. Chapter 5: Half a Riddle
Start Zone: Durin's Way
Start Area: The Chamber of the Crossroads
Start Location: The Chamber of Command
Start Mob: Bori (Command)
Flags: Epic, Solo
Items Needed:Items Rewarded:Reputation Increased: 700 Iron Garrison Miners
Cash Granted: 25s 55c
Exp Granted: 4598
Quest Level: 53
Min Level: 48
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Locations with maps: The Great Delving | Durin's Way
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    Bori (Command)
    The Chamber of the Crossroads


Bori has told you of Nâr-khelab, the great forge at which the mithril axe, Zigilburk, may have been made. The way to the forge is blocked by some secret trick, lost to time.


Objective 1
Defeat deep-claws of cave-claws in the Great Delving (0/14)
Search Katub-zahar for the secret to opening Nar-khelab

Objective 2
Bring the rotting pages to Bori

Bori is in the Chamber of Command, the room up the eastern stairs in the Chamber of the Crossroads, at the southern entrance to Durin's Way, north of the Great Delving.

You have uncovered some pages that reveal information about Nâr-khelab, the Heart of Fire.


Inside the Library of Katub-zahar you will find many large Deep-claw Nests. Examine them for clues. The nest you need is upstairs in the southwest corner.