The Brimstone Swamp  

Prerequisite: The Rite of Clucath
Start Zone: Angmar
Start Area: Aughaire
Start Mob: Taraghlan
Started By Item:Flags: Fellowship
Items Rewarded:Cash Granted: 22s 40c
Quest Level: 43
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Locations with maps: Angmar | Angmar
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    Tyrn Lhuig


'We have kindred who hunt in the great swamp of Malenhad to the east. It is a dangerous place, full of poisonous brimstone-clouds, foul water, and strange beasts, but there are many good things to be had there, too. Our brave hunters bring us much food and other things of worth from Malenhad, but we need to send them supplies so they can do their work.

'If you would, please bring these goods to Othran at the hunting camp in the south-west corner of the swamp. It may be that you will find hunting challenges there for yourself.

'Be wary of the patrols of the Angmarim. They do not hunt us -- yet -- but they may not be so kind to outlanders like you.'


Taraghlan told you of a hunting camp of his people in the south-western parts of Malenhad.


Objective 1
Bring the hunting supplies to Othran

Othran is at the hunting-camp in the south-west corner of Malenhad.

Taraghlan has asked you to bring the supplies to Othran at the hunting camp in Malenhad.