In Sight of the Bitter Stair  

Prerequisite: The Deeds of Durin
Leads To: Ancient Foes of the Spider-bane
Leads To: Old Friendships
Leads To: Raid: Thorog Defeated
Leads To: The Extent of the Threat
Leads To: The Worm-Hunter's Lament
Start Zone: Misty Mountains
Start Area: Bruinen Source West
Start Location: Gloin's Camp
Start Mob: Gloin
Flags: Raid
Reputation Increased: 500 Thorin's Hall
Exp Granted: 2441
Quest Level: 45
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Gloin related to you a small portion of the history of Helegrod and asked you to speak with the scouts he sent forth to watch the Bitter Stair for signs of the threat growing now behind the walls of Helegrod.


Objective 1
Talk to Sigrun

The dwarves Sigrun and Greip were sent north of Gloin's camp to scout Helegrod and have likely established a small camp among the trees in sight of the Bitter Stair.

Gloin has sent you to speak with the scouts he dispacthed to watch the Bitter Stair that climbs to the gates of Helegrod, far to the north of his camp.