The Deeds of Durin  

Prerequisite: Stirrings Within Helegrod
Leads To: In Sight of the Bitter Stair
Start Zone: Rivendell
Start Area: The Last Homely House
Start Location: Elrond's Library
Start Mob: Elrond
Flags: Raid
Reputation Increased: 500 Thorin's Hall
Exp Granted: 2441
Quest Level: 45
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Locations with maps: Misty Mountains | Rivendell
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    The Last Homely House


Lord Elrond believes the dwarf Gloin should be warned of the evil that might hide within Helegrod, not far to the north of his camp in the Misty Mountains.


Objective 1
Talk to Gloin

Gloin is at his camp in the Misty Mountains, north of Rivendell.

Lord Elrond asked you to warn Gloin of the threat rumoured to be growing within the walls of Helegrod.