The Trolls of Urugarth (Advanced)  

Category: Angmar
Type: Slayer
Required Deed: The Trolls of Urugarth
Trait Granted: Valour +1
Related Locations:Notes:
Defeat Trolls in Urugarth (0/120)

Some Useful Info:
The fastest easiest way to complete this deed, is to get a group who just wants to hit the trolls.
Go into Urugarth, follow the wall to the right, all the way around until you run into the Krahjarn (aka trolls).
You will be in Dushkal's Lair.
Now start killing the trolls.
There are exactly 24 here, counting the boss and his two summoned trolls, so six trips to complete this deed.
Once you kill all the trolls here, disband group, which will place you outside the Urugarth, and regroup to reset the instance, so you can kill them again for the credit for this deed.
If you need to bring peeps here, you can use the Mustering Horn at the Urugarth entrance.