Race: Troll-kind
Difficulty: Elite Master
Aggro: Aggressive
Level: 48
Max Morale: 31,316
Max Power: 4,050
Found in Zones: Angmar
Found in Areas: Dushkal's Lair, Urugarth
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When defeated:
Your reputation with Council of the North has increased by 48.

Locations with maps: Angmar
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NameTypeMin Level
Elegant Necklace Neck lvl 48
Enduring Elven Steel Gloves of Might Heavy Armour lvl 48
Enduring Scale Gauntlets of Might Hands lvl 48
Fearless Helm Heavy Armour lvl 49
Glass Cuff Wrist lvl 49
Highwayman Leggings Medium Armour lvl 49
Lost Peace Two-Handed Sword lvl 48
Shining Padded Jacket Light Armour lvl 47
Shining Westernesse Leather Jacket Medium Armour lvl 48
Teeth of the Gorthorog Trophy
Vile Bronze Coin Barter Item
Vile Silver Coin Barter Item
Westernesse Cloth Shoes of Fleetness Heavy Armour lvl 48
Westernesse Leather Jacket of Vigour Medium Armour lvl 49
Westernesse Steel Breastplate of Fate Heavy Armour lvl 47