Mobs by NPC Type: Master Crafter

Everette Hollings (Master of Crafting Guilds), Master CrafterEvendim Ost Forod 
Herondan (Master Craftsman), Master CrafterNorth Downs Craft-hall of Esteldin 
Idhrenwe (Master Craftsman), Master CrafterRivendell Elrond's Library 
Kolfinn (Master of Crafting Guilds), Master CrafterThorin's Gate Crafting Hall (Thorin's Gate) 
Redric Woolytoes (Master Crafter), Master CrafterThe Shire Michel Delving 
Rob Burrows (Master of Crafting Guilds), Master CrafterBree-land Combe, Combe Crafting Hall 
Smithur (Master Craftsman), Master CrafterThorin's Hall Thorin's Hall - The Maker's Hall