Temair the Devoted (Creoth)  

Race: Man
Difficulty: Elite Master
Aggro: Aggressive
Level: 30
Max Morale: 9,441
Max Power: 1,772
Found in Zones: Lone-Lands
Found in Areas: Garth Agarwen
Location: Roaming
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Locations with maps: Lone-Lands
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    Temair the Devoted
NameTypeMin Level
Blueberry Muffins Food lvl 10
Broken Short Bow Trophy
Broken Wood Spear Trophy
Celebrant Salve Potion lvl 15
Chisel-edge Hammer One-Handed Hammer lvl 29
Cloth Hat Light Armour lvl 23
Cracked Helmet Trophy
Crafted Drum Recipe Recipe
Crafted Flute Recipe Recipe
Crafted Harp Recipe Recipe
Crafted Lute Recipe Recipe
Dwarf Steel Gloves Heavy Armour lvl 23
Dwarf-make Explorer's Cloak Recipe Recipe
Dwarf-make Explorer's Gloves Recipe Recipe
Dwarf-make Explorer's Hat Recipe Recipe
Dwarf-make Explorer's Leggings Recipe Recipe
Dwarf-make Explorer's Robe Recipe Recipe
Dwarf-make Explorer's Shoes Recipe Recipe
Dwarf-make Explorer's Shoulder Guards Recipe Recipe
Dwarf-make Outrider's Boots Recipe Recipe
Dwarf-make Steel Gloves Recipe Recipe
Expert Jeweller Scroll Case Scroll
Expert Metalworker Scroll Case Scroll
Expert Tailor Scroll Case Scroll
Expert Weaponsmith Scroll Case Scroll
Expert Woodworker Scroll Case Scroll
Explorer's Armour Recipe Recipe
Faded Sindarin Passage Resource
Faint Edhelharn Token Recipe Recipe
Flagon of Red Wine Food
Fragment of Dunedain Script Resource
Frothy Pint of Ale Food
Gold Armband Wrist
Gold Necklace Neck
Great Axe Two-Handed Axe lvl 27
Greater Athelas Essence Potion lvl 25
Greater Celebrant Salve Potion lvl 25
Greater Conhuith Draught Potion
Greater Healing Draught Potion
Greater Healing Salve Potion
Greater Lhinestad Draught Potion
Greater Milkthistle Draught Potion
Greater Milkthistle Salve Potion
Greater Salve of Conhuith Potion
Greater Salve of Lhinestad Potion
Heavy Dagger Sheath Trophy
Heavy Sword Sheath Trophy
Leather Boots of Vigour Medium Armour lvl 30
Leather Gloves Medium Armour lvl 26
Light Steel Round Shield Recipe Recipe
Longsword One-Handed Sword lvl 23
Loose Elven Explorer's Armour Recipe Recipe
Loose Elven Explorer's Cloak Recipe Recipe
Loose Elven Explorer's Gloves Recipe Recipe
Loose Elven Explorer's Hat Recipe Recipe
Loose Elven Explorer's Leggings Recipe Recipe
Loose Elven Explorer's Robe Recipe Recipe
Loose Elven Explorer's Shoes Recipe Recipe
Loose Elven Explorer's Shoulder Guards Recipe Recipe
Padded Jacket Chest lvl 23
Pork Sausage Food lvl 10
Refined Athelas Essence Potion lvl 35
Refined Athelas Essence Recipe Recipe
Refined Celebrant Salve Potion lvl 35
Refined Celebrant Salve Recipe Recipe
Refined Conhuith Draught Potion
Refined Healing Draught Potion
Refined Healing Salve Potion
Refined Lhinestad Draught Potion
Refined Milkthistle Draught Potion
Refined Milkthistle Salve Potion
Refined Salve of Conhuith Potion
Refined Salve of Lhinestad Potion
Round Shield Heavy Shield lvl 23
Ruby Earring Recipe Recipe
Shining Edhelharn Token Recipe Recipe
Silver Token Barter Item
Smooth Lebethron Bow Recipe Recipe
Smooth Lebethron Club Recipe Recipe
Smooth Lebethron Crossbow Recipe Recipe
Smooth Lebethron Great Club Recipe Recipe
Smooth Lebethron Hammer Recipe Recipe
Smooth Lebethron Spear Recipe Recipe
Stuffed Cabbage Food lvl 10
Target List Quest Item
Torn Shirt Trophy
Tough Dagger Sheath Trophy
Tough Sword Sheath Trophy
War Order Quest Item