Temair the Terrible  

Series Name: Garth Agarwen
Start Zone: Lone-Lands
Start Area: Agamaur
Start Location: The Outer Gates
Start Mob: Arienh
Flags: Fellowship
Items Rewarded:Reputation Increased: 900 The Eglain
Cash Granted: 29s 68c
Exp Granted: 3172
Quest Level: 32
Min Level: 27
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Locations with maps: Lone-Lands
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    Temair the Devoted
    Garth Agarwen


"The Men who dwell beyond these walls are misguided and lost. So lost that they cannot be redeemed according to Radagast; their atrocities against nature are so great that there is no forgiveness.

"They are lead by a woman. A terrible woman named Temair who they believe is a link to the Red-maid and because of this she is revered as something greater than they are.

'I ask that you push beyond these walls and seek out this woman. Bring her down and prove these misquided Men that they have misplaced their faith."


Arienh know that there is a leader amongst the Creoth in the ruins of Garth Agarwen, a terrifying woman who the Men revere as a conduit to the Red-maid.

She has asked that you disprove this fallacy by defeating the woman and proving to the Creoth that their faith is misplaced.


Objective 1

  • Defeat Temair the Terrible
  • Temair can be found before the entrances to the Arboretum and Fortress within the area of Garth Agarwen. Find her and defeat her.

    Arienh asked that you bring the leader of the Creoth, a terrible woman Named Temair, to justice. She preaches withing the confines of Garth Agarwen.

    Objective 2
  • Return to Arienh
  • Return to Arienh at her encampment at the entrance to Garth Garwen.

    Termair was found exactly where Arienh told you she would be. Disptaching Temair proved simple enough and you should now return to Arienh.