Warped Oak  

Race: Creatures of Nature
Difficulty: Signature
Aggro: Friendly
Level: 17
Max Morale: 517
Max Power: 209
Found in Zones: The Old Forest
Found in Areas: Old Forest, Tomnoddy Corner
Location: 32.7S, 59.2W Roaming
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Locations with maps: The Old Forest
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    Warped Oak
NameTypeMin Level
Blunt Huorn Twig Trophy
Chisel-edge Hammer of Arda One-Handed Hammer lvl 12
Enduring Woven Cloak Cloak lvl 11
Necklace of Greenfields Neck lvl 13
Padded Gloves of Vigour Light Armour lvl 12
Quilted Leggings Light Armour lvl 13
Silver Earring of Vigour Ear lvl 13
Staff of the Bridge Staff lvl 12
Swift Grey-wood Bow Bow lvl 15
Tough Vine Quest Item