The Lonely Mountain

Turbine gives us sneak peak at the upcoming LotRO raids

If you're a dyed-in-the-wool Lord of the Rings Online player, you're well aware that Update 10 is just around the corner. You're also probably aware of the Lonely Mountain raids that are coming to the game, including the 6-man The Bells of Dale, the 12-man Road to the Lonely Mountain, the 12-man The Battle for Erebor and perhaps the most intriguing, the 12-man The Fires of Smaug:

"After weeks of holding back the enemy siege, word reaches the defenders of the Lonely Mountain that the One Ring has been destroyed and the tide is turning in the south. Intent on bringing the siege to an end, the enemy's most powerful soldiers have issued a challenge to the finest defenders beneath the mountain. Become the champions of Erebor and slay the towering Olog-hai, driving the Easterlings from the north forever!"

Also the "In Their Absence" instance will now scale to include players in thr 65-85 range and Ost Dunhoth has been split into three to allow players to complete it as they choose.

But, instead of me writing more words, why not let me show you a few new pictures of Update 10, courtesy of Turbine!

Bill "Lethality" Leonard



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