Dev Diaries Outline Three More Classes to 60

The Lord of the Rings Online developers recently outlined how the Burglar, Lore-master and Hunter classes will change as the level 50 cap is broken in Mines of Moria and you level to 60. Next up in the dev diary series are the updates for the Champion, Minstrel and Rune-keeper classes.

Each diary outlines the three trait sets, new skills and Legendary Items that will be available in the next 10 levels. They're all quite long and in-depth, so read them to either catch up on the Minstrel and Champion changes, or find out about the all-new Rune-keeper class.

For a summary of the Rune-keep class diary, keep reading below.

According to the developer, the three trait sets of the Rune-keeper will focus on instant damage, induction damage and healing, but will also allow possibilities for hybridization.

The first bonus of each Trait Set is more useful while in the opposite attuned direction as the rest of the set, and the third in each line is beneficial to any attunement direction. This, plus a number of traits in each set that are useful to either damage dealers or healers, is intended to give flexibility to a more experimentally inclined Rune-keeper.

The Solitary Thunder trait set will focus "on spiky damage, quick abilities that are useful while foes are wailing on you, minor debuffing, and random chance."

It is mostly geared toward the solo player (although dealing quick burst damage can be useful while grouped) and enables the Rune-keeper’s fairly weak disabling abilities to become more viable.

The Cleansing Fires trait set focuses on damage with fire. It also grants some aggro management and power reducing options.

The Benedictions of Peace trait set is focused on healing. "This line is for Rune-keepers who want to see that his fellows do not fall."

Of course, the Rune-keeper will receive skill upgrades, as well. Here's the info:

Like other classes, the Rune-keeper will find two of his skills get upgraded at higher levels. Firstly, Abrupt Words will be able to dispel those pesky Corruptions monsters are using. Next, Our Fates Entwined will put a damage resistance buff on the Rune-keeper. This will help keep him up if he decides to go down this party protecting route.

Lastly, here's a description of the Rune-keeper's class item:

The Rune-keeper’s class item is his trusty Rune-satchel. In it one will find a barely organized mess of quills, papers, chisels, ink, half-written essays and spare rune-stones. Such satchels act as a Rune-keeper’s traveling library, but are also commonly embroidered with lettering to assist some of his skills.


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