Sheathed in Ancient Iron  

Prerequisite: Chapter 2: Oakheart's Might
Start Zone: Angmar
Start Area: Gath Forthnir
Start Mob: Uirod (Gath Forthnir)
Flags: Fellowship
Items Needed:Items Rewarded:Cash Granted: 49s 70c
Quest Level: 50
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Locations with maps: Angmar | Angmar
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    Gath Forthnir


'Within the walls of Barad Gularan you will find many enemies. One enemy in particular concerns me and intrigues me more than any other. I know we must destroy the keeper of Barad Gularan, but the servants who have walked the halls for ages intrigue me more.

'Clad in ancient iron, these spirits from the Shadow keep an eternal watch over the former home of the Witch-king.

'I wish to study the armour and determine how these creatures were able to manifest themselves in such a way. Perhaps there is a way we can defeat them without bringing forth our swords and arrows.

'Enter Barad Gularan and collect twelve pieces of the armour so I may sate my curiosity and discover a weakness to these creatures.'


Danger lurks within Barad Gularan and Uidor, an elf dispatched to the north to support those sent there by the Council of Esteldin, wishes to examine the armour worn by the fell spirits within the citadel. You must smite the defenders and warriors within Barad Gularan to obtain the armour.


Objective 1
Collect Fragments of Ancient Armor (0/12)

Defeat Gularan Guards & Gularan Warriors an loot their corpses until you get twelve Fragments of Ancient Armor