Angmar's Soldiers  

Start Zone: Ettenmoors
Start Area: Coldfells
Start Location: Ost Ringdyr
Start Mob: First Marshal Sathryth
Flags: Raid, Repeatable, Fellowship
Items Needed:Items Rewarded:Quest Level: 50
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Locations with maps: Ettenmoors | Ettenmoors
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    Soldier Apsduf
    Soldier Azri
    Soldier Dumul
    Soldier Fimuzhorn
    Soldier Gazlup
    Soldier Gogan
    Soldier Gozad
    Soldier Ishdagalur
    Soldier Kafaaz
    Soldier Kurub
    Soldier Mogurzgor
    Soldier Mugsh
    Soldier Narfikskum
    Soldier Nurzurzfim
    Soldier Olozer
    Soldier Quilbub
    Soldier Rukul
    Soldier Thrak
    Soldier Ufrant
    Grimwood Lumber Camp
    Tirith Rhaw


  • Collect soldier's patches. (0/10)
    Soldiers in the services to Angmar may each carry a seal of their station. Search among the enemy for these badges. First Marshall Sathryth as Ost Ringyr has promised to reward you for the patches you bring her.