The Far Reaching Hand  

Prerequisite: Strength of Stone
Start Zone: Angmar
Start Area: Ram Duath
Start Location: Lehma-koti
Start Mob: Chief Tuokki
Flags: Small Fellowship
Items Rewarded:Cash Granted: 22s 5c
Quest Level: 42
Min Level: 38
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Locations with maps: Angmar
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    Chief Tuokki
    Iron Crown Commander
    Ram Duath


'For one so small, you are very good at killing Orcs. The Orcs are many, but we think they run through Ram Dúath because Men tell them to go. Evil Men from the North, from Angmar, have come to Ram Dúath.

'One of the Men is the leader. We think he will send the Orcs against us soon. We cannot fight them in their camp, they are too strong, but you are strong too. Maybe you can help us fight this Man, this Commander from Angmar.

'The Angmarim have a camp in the south-east part of the Ram Dúath.'


Chief Tuokki is worried that the Angmarim who command the Orcs will send them to fight the Earth-kin.


Objective 1
Defeat the Iron Crown Commander

The outpost of the Angmarim is in the south-east part of Ram Dúath.

Chief Tuokki, hoping to discourage the Orcs and the Angmarim, has asked you to defeat the Commander of the Angmarim in Ram Dúath.

Objective 2
Talk to Chief Toukki

Chief Tuokki is at the Suuri-lehmä camp in Ram Dúath.

Now that you've defeated the Iron-crown Commander, return to the Earth-kin Chief and tell him of your deed.


Location of iron crown commander -- town 
2.5s, 35.1w